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Water Tower Books was created in 2006 by a group of friends and professional associates with experience in publishing and editing and a desire to take an active role in disseminating quality literature of high pertinence in a changing world. After careful consideration we chose Tilt 68   by Sarah Colton as our first book because we feel that it fits our publishing critera, is a book of high literary caliber, and is a book whose time has come.

Tilt 68

  • With the approaching 40th anniversary of the social revolutions which swept much of the developed world in the years around 1968, and with many of the issues still burning hot and unresolved today "vulnerable women's rights of reproductive freedom, a(nother) highly divisive foreign war fought by young Americans, and continuing issues surrounding minority rights Tilt 68 offers a fresh literary perspective."
  • "It is our hope that readers of Tilt 68 will feel what it was like to be 18 in 1968 -- the urgency, the potential, the confusion, the thrills, the sorrows, the life energy whose pertinence is as important today as it ever was."
Sarah Colton.

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